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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  September 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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christian, he was born in this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton response. >> i would, you know, call on him and call on all of the candidates to stop this dissent into the kind of hateful mean-spirited divisive rhetoric that we've seen too much of in the last months. >> reporter: trump has been unapologetic in questioning the whether his birth certificate from hawaii is real. >> i hope he doesn't still think that. >> reporter: john mccain faced a similar moment on the campaign trail when a campaign supporter called barack obama an arab, mccain interjected. >> no ma'am. no, map. he's a decent family man. >> reporter: while trump is a no-show today, he says the show will go on with a campaign appearance in iowa tomorrow and one in south carolina next week. donald trump said he couldn't be here today because he has had a significant business transaction taking place.
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it's the first in the south primary and that's why ten other republican presidential candidates are here right now. in greenville, south carolina, back to you. connecticut governor danah malloy is ordering budget cuts totaling more than $100 million. executive branch agencies will feel the bulk of the cutbacks. malloy is asking legislative and judicial leaders to slash spending as well. the administration pegged the move on stock losses that cut into anticipated state ref knew. and governor malloy was in stand ford today to raise emily's law. it raises the age for operating a boat to 16. and it also requires boat operators to complete a safety course. the law is named after an 18-year-old that was struck and killed by a boat that was
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skeletal remains were found this morning. also found, a red windbreaker with nyc lifeguard department of parks printed on the back and a black baseball cap with puerto rico stitched on it, and a green backpack. if you recognize the items, you're asked to call police. a frightening morning of an suv and a bus carrying special needs students got into a head-on crash, happened in farmingdale around 8:00 this morning. the driver of the mini bus and two students were taken to stoneybrook hospital with minor injuries. suffolk county police are still looking into what caused the accident. suffolk county, officials are looking at pouring $1.5 million into fixing up mack artur ar arthur airport.
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the refugee crisis in europe is getting worse with many european countries unable to handle the masses of people. today croatia closed all of its border crossing with serbia except one. kro yay sha sent hundreds of people to hungary by train, they bored on to another train headed to austria. more than 13,000 migrants entered the country from serbia in just the last two day zbloos pope francis appealed to catholics all around the world.
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the vatican promised to take in two refugee families. today he announced that that family has started living there. they're going to remain guests at the vatican as their application is processed. final preparations being made for the pope's visit here. today the white house said it's inviting 15,000 people to the arrival ceremony at the white house. those people will fill the white house back lawn. if 15,000 show up, it will surpass the 13,000 invite fd are the ceremony for pope benedict in 2008. pope francis will also speak to congress and celebrate a massive anna can nigh zags at the basilica. coming up, a diabetes drug to lower blood sugar that may also extend your life. even researchers are raving about its effects. how merely signing up for rewards could bring you 5
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plus free exams for you kids. our sesh pick of the day, a splash of color under the barclays in brooklyn. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it to our website. use the #nbc 4 ny. if you post to twitter or
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coming up at 6:00, trying to get answers from a day care
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center that abandoned a toddler. what we found out. the man suspected of killing six people and burying their bodies behind a connecticut shopping center is arrest. . authorities found him. those stories and much more new tonight at 6:00. a diabetes drug may cut the risk for a heart attack. the drug was studied in more than 7,000 people with type two diabetes. they were randomly assigned the drug and instructed to take care of their diet and exercise. people who took the drug had a 35% reduction of heart failure and a 38% reduction in the risk of heart related deaths. >> it's a first. we've had diabetes drugs for 50-odd years. no drug in the past has been able to show an unequivocal reduction in death. this is the first time. >> regulators are not confirmed
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it will be evaluated by the food and drug ministration. the subway series begins in just over a hour ap and one tradition that will not continue atga citi field this weekend is the kiss cam gag. the mets will no longer show players from opposing teams on the stadium's cam. the team received comp."ints and criticis from fans who viewed it as homophobic. they only plan to highlight couples. you have a chance to claim some free money. >> a lot of people are like me, me. consumer reporter linda baquero
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>> we're wearing blue, all of us. >> that is priceless and free. how does that sound. nice to see everybody. good evening to all. a great night to be outside. it locks like brynn and bruce has the ie signments for the night. you're lucky if you have a ticket to night's game, if only be in the beautiful weather. weo.ekend ower, it's a slim possibility but we're going to put anytime and talk about where and when that might ppen. and the temperatures slide next week when we get back to near normal conditions. right now outside we have a temperature of 80 in jersey city, 82 in central park and 80 in madison. as we head out to the island we take a few degrees off, 76 in farmingville, 7 in eastport, 73 in south hampton, head to the jersey shore, things so nice there right now, from long branch down to surf city, beautiful weather. 82 degrees in choppen jer's
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falls, lagrange field at 81 degrees. radar is not picking anything up. don't need to dwell on that. it's not happening now but it may happen over the weekend. we're talking about a shower. let's take a look at the future cast. you can see out to the west and so the south we have some clouds. a spot shower not out of the realm of impossible as we head to saturday and sunday morning. some clouds to start out the morning and then we clear out nicely. beautiful. ishead out to the ball game if you take us wit you. 7:10 is when it starts. 67 in patchy clouds late and tomorrow and sunday looks good. saturday the warmer half of the looks like this. i think you're going to like what you see. heading into the first day of atum it will be 78 on wednesday, plenty of sunshine, couple of clouds and some showers to wrap up the weekend and begin the workweek. that's a look at your forecast.
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the last time on a power plant down south. >> energy arkansas began the final stage of demolishing this 51-year-old plant. first to come down was the giant smokestack, kicking up a cloud of dust. then the rest of the structure came down in a controlled exproegs. the plant being replaced with a more modern facility. former prison worker joyce mitchell is revealing more details on how she helped two inmates bust out of a maximum security prison earlier this month. >> she will be sentenced this month. they were counting on her to bring a getaway car, but in part two of an interview, mitchell said she had no intention of showing up the night of the escape. >> i was supposed to come up and park by the manhole that they were going to be coming out of. >> and what did they say they were going to do? >> at first matt said that he was going to go back and take care of lyle. he was going to kill lyle.
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and that i couldn't let him kill my husband. >> mitchell says she has no doubt the inmates would have killed her too. the pair was on the run for three weeks until matt was killed and sweat was captured. you can watch more of mitchell's interview tonight on "dateline" tonight. a partially submerged boat that could be more than ugly to look at. it could be dangerous. >> eyesore or an accident waiting to happen. folks at the jersey shore say this sunken boat is both. alarm. >> i'm finding out why the boat has been sitting like this for weeks. and lester holt has a look 6:30. >> shiba and david, here's what nightly news." donald trump tried to change focus of taking hits for what he didn't say. we now k some o her story. the 3-year-old whose body was fa
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only at your lincoln dealer. there are worries at the jersey shore night over a boat waterlogged for weeks. >> locals and visitors believe it poses a threat to public safety. ted greenberg has our story. >> reporter: as the tides rise and fall, the nor'easter ii goes nowhere. >> it's an eyesore, a danger. >> reporter: the old 46-foot sport fishing boat has been waterlogged since it sank in cape may harbor a month ago, the second time it went down here this summer. >> anyone who drives by, they almost always pull over just to get out and check it out zblsh especially folks visiting the popular nature center just yards away. >> it looks bad. people get alarmed.
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>> reporter: and they're been doing more than just gawking. we watched as a kayaker climbed aboard. >> it's definitely a hazard for sure. >> reporter: cape may owner jack more ran told us the boat sank in a different pot seven months ago before it was moved to the harbor. he says its then owner donated the nor'easter ii to a charity which on turn sold it online for $200 to a man near buffalo, new york. >> i don't think he was completely aware of all of the facts involved. the boat had been sitting own the bottom several times. >> reporter: the new owner tried unsuccessfully to raise the boat himself. but so far he's been unwilling to pay a salvage company thousands ofdemolished. new jersey state police tell me he's cooperating. the boat's fuel and oil were pumped off after its second sinking.
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the nor'easter ii likely won't subside until it's out of the water. >> the story has to end. >> reporter: for good. ted greenberg, news4 new york. and with that, that will do it for us. >> stay right here, the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, demanding answers from the day care center that abandoned aed to lore in a playground. what we discovered. a suspected serial killer is finally facing charge after an eight-year investigation. wait until you hear where authorities found him. thousand of nassau bus rider could be facing service cuts and a fare hike. we have new information about a day care that left a toddler behind at a brooklyn park during a field trip with 15 kids. >> the quality of life academy has been closed until further notice by the city. andrew siff is outside the day
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care with the latest for us. >> reporter: chuck, normally this would be a very busy time out has here. the day care is open typically until 6:00 p.m., that's when the parents rush here to pick up their kids. not now. right now this facility is closed until further notice. all because the folks here lost track of a two-year-old. >> it's unacceptable. you don't just lose a child. >> reporter: even those this son ethan looks none the worse of wear, his mom is stunned. how upset for you when you find out what happened? >> speechless. so many emotions. scared, worried, nervous. >> reporter: it happened thursday morning when the day care took a field trip to this playground. 15 kids went in, only 14 went back to the school afterwards. >> i don't know how they counted
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>> reporter: fortunate y a good samaritan spotted ethan and called police. the nypd matched ethan's picture to a tweet of a missing child. this neighborhood has her own 2-year-old and can't imagine a trusted day care losing track. >> there has to be a way to enforce really good regulations in terms of how to take care of 15 kids. >> reporter: we got no answer at the day care today after the city officials ordered a temporary shutdown. at least four times in the last three years they've had violations here, including failure to maintain required staff to supervise kids, violations requiring immediate correction. back at the playground where that quick-thinking citizen found ethan sleeping on a bench, parents watching their kids are just happy it ended well. >> thank god he's in good hands now. that's all that matters. >> reporter: we didn't just knock on the door here.
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they didut an't call me back. far more important, the city ordered officials here to notify all of the families that they're closed indefinitely. city inspector wills be out here monday morning trying to help those families make alternate plans. live in sunset park, andrew siff. we have some breaking news on the evening commute. system wide signal problems with causes delays. right now there are delays in both directions on the babylon, long beach, port jefferson and west hempstead branches. well, in connecticut a man already behind bars for one murder is now suspected the serial kill near the death of of six other victims. william howell was charged with those murders at his arraignment today. saying the 45 yield killed all seven people and sexually assaulted three of them. saying he buried the bodies behind a strip mall on a plot of land he called his garden.
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>> it's been difficult. the investigators that worked on this, they have put in countless hours. we say thousands. can't put a number on it. >> howell is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for the death of one woman whose remains were identified in may. he's due back in court next month. a drive by shooter left a young man with a promising future in professional baseball fight for his life. police believe he was an unintended victim. mark san tee c santia is at the scene. >> reporter: we're told he's in critical condition right now. he was here just at midnight when the police tell aus car came down the service road, somewhere inside opened fire. michael nolan, a yonkers baseball star draft bid the oakland a's was hit in the arm and the head.
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